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Ageas Cooljazz is aligned with collaborating with the objective of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees in accordance with the agreement established in Paris, which is why Ageas Cooljazz has been working for many years on several fronts in the 3 pillars of sustainability:

Pegada de Carbono

> zero carbon
Total compensation for CO2 emitted in 2023 totaled 129.9 tons, which includes the operation of Ageas COOLJAZZ, artists' travel, partners' travel and food concessionaires.
In partnership with Ponto Verde Serviços, the Carbon sequestration project was developed in Covilhã, Quinta da França, a mixed forest of black oak and maritime pine where natural regeneration was its method of installation.

Zero Carbon Report 2023 link

> ecocup
In 2023, 25.7k drinks were consumed, served in 13.6k ecocups used

Pegada de Carbono

>Waste separation through partnership with Cascais City Council

>Coffee capsules - in 2023 more than 400 coffee capsules were recycled

> Bio waste - in 2023 around 180kg of recycled biowaste was collected

Pegada de Carbono

>zero waste - in partnership with
Give and Wake Up

In 2023, more than 200 kg of surplus food was collected from people who were shunned, allowing more than 400 recovered and distributed meals to be donated, generating a value of more than €1000 in economic value, which impacted more than 65 supported local families.
This action managed to avoid 800 kg of CO2 emissions.

>projection of new jazz artists - Ageas Cooljazz Talent Competition in which
3 winning groups the prize consists of performing at Ageas Cooljazz, on the Cascais Jazz Sessions stage by Smooth fm
This project allows to amplify the promotion of artists associated with Ageas Cooljazz and Smooth fm, bringing recognition in the Portuguese music industry.

>Free concerts - Cascais Lazy Sundays
Free access concerts in the Casa Histórias Paula Rego gardens where DJs from the music industry and Portuguese culture perform on Sundays in the late afternoon during the months of July.

> Concerts at an affordable price - Viver Cascais Card
Residents of Cascais who hold the Viver Cascais Card are given a 20% discount when purchasing tickets for Ageas Cooljazz in limited batches.

Zero Desperdício

Sustainability Report available HERE